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Rainbow Rally Lite Volleyball Trainers

As low as $129.00

A soft, extremely lightweight volleyball trainer, in official size!

Lightweight volleyball with an extremely soft surface helps players develop skills. The velvety cover gives them control and softens the sting a regular volleyball can cause. It's perfect for working on accuracy, bumps, and sets.

Entry-Level Development

At 25% lighter than a standard volleyball, the Rally Lite gives players the chance to train with an official size ball, but at a weight appropriate for skill development. They can focus on improving bumping and setting skills, instead of worrying about the sting from the ball.

High-Quality Design

The butyl bladder retains air better and longer than latex bladders, even during high-impact activities like spiking. The cushioned cover is designed for indoor use. The quality and feel makes it our most popular composite cover Gopher trainer, and it's a great first step before moving up to the regular Rainbow Rally ball as skills progress.