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Rainbow QuickCups Sportscup Sets

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These are the thickest and strongest speed stacking cups on the market—outlasting and outperforming all others!

Stacking cups offers a great way to teach focus and train agility and dexterity! Students will need to be quick with their hands to stack and collapse cups, and the more they practice the better they’ll get. It’s an activity that anyone can participate in and become good at. These cups are superbly resilient and durable, to stand up to hard practices by aspiring speedsters.

Fun for All Ages

Cup stacking is an activity where anyone can participate! Younger students and users new to cup stacking can start slowly to get the hang of sequences and technique. More advanced stackers can pick up the pace to see how fast they can accurately complete stacks.

Because there's no physical advantage to cup stacking, it’s a great game for the entire class. Students can celebrate their personal best times and compete with friends to see who stacks quicker or more accurately.

Boost Critical Skills

Cup stacking helps boost physical and cognitive skills. Students need to be fast, accurate, and anticipatory of their next move while they stack. This creates a link between brain and body that's sharpened with every successful sequence.

Durable Equipment

Since these cups are 30% thicker and feature a 50% larger lip than other cups, they are very durable and easier to maneuver. These cups endure repeated slamming on a table and stacking. Cups measure 3-3/4"H, and have a 3" dia opening with a 2" dia base, all of which represents an optimal size for competitive cup stacking.

A smooth interior eliminates concerns of friction and makes it possible for students to slide cups together and slip them apart seamlessly. Less friction and better handling also means faster stacking times. Four holes in the top of the cup also prevent suction, which can cause cups to stick (other cups only have three holes).

QuickCups Sportscup Set Options

  • Pack of 12 Sets. Includes 2 of each Rainbow color.
  • Pack of 30 Sets. Includes 5 of each Rainbow color.
  • Pack of 60 Sets. Includes 10 of each Rainbow color.