Rainbow PowerPaddle Set

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Break-resistant paddles give students extra power during play!

This pickleball paddle is built to withstand heavy institutional use thanks to a durable one-piece molded plastic shell. A textured handle provides an official look and better grip for all students to improve control over shots. A waffle "string" pattern improves control and a rigid plastic design makes this the most powerful plastic paddle we offer.

Rainbow colors provide a fun environment to encourage participation and offer opportunities for smart organization of students, activities, and equipment storage.

The racquet measures 14”L x 7”W x 1/2” thick and weighs in at 7-1/2 oz, making it extremely light and easy to swing.

Set Options

  • Class Set. Includes 24 paddles (4 of each Rainbow color) and 24 balls.
  • Set of 6. Includes 6 paddles (1 of each Rainbow color).