Rainbow Pick-A-Paddle Paddles

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Durable one-piece molded paddles are nearly indestructible!

These versatile paddles are designed for long-lasting use, both indoors and out. They are available in Jr and Full-Size versions, so you can outfit your class with the most appropriate size.

Built to Last

These durable, one-piece molded paddles are nearly indestructible. Made of durable plastic with a textured head and grip, the paddles withstand heavy institutional use year in and year out, whether you’re playing outside or indoors. A rigid design makes the paddle more comfortable for users and provides more shot power. Add balls (sold separately) to get a complete pickleball paddle set!


  • Holes in the face of the paddle make them lighter and easier to swing for students. A textured hitting surface allows for better shot placement and control.
  • Paddles are available in Rainbow Sets of six that are not only bright and colorful, but also help with class organization. Blue groups could work on backhand shots, while red groups focus on forehand shots.
  • Paddles have a similar design to pickleball paddles. They can be used with other items, such as lightweight foam balls and tennis balls, making it a versatile racquet option.
  • There are 2 sizes available: Jr and Full-Size. Jr paddles are for elementary users. Heads measure 8"L x 7"W, 14"L overall. Full-Size are for users of 12 years and up. Heads measure 9"L x 7-1/2"W, 15"L overall.
  • You can select sets of 6 (1 of each Rainbow color) or 24 (4 of each Rainbow color), giving you plenty of options for the amount of paddles you get for your class. Class sets also include 9 paddle balls of varying colors.

Rainbow Pick-A-Paddle Paddle Options

Rainbow Pick-A-Paddle Paddles are available in 2 sizes and quantities. Set of 3 Balls sold separately, colors may vary.

  • Size
    • Jr Paddles
    • Full-Size Paddles
  • Quantity
    • Set of 6
    • Set of 24