Rainbow Phenom Bats

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The bats that are so phenomenal they knock other plastic bats out of the park!

These bats are twice as strong as other plastic bats for long-lasting durability. The taped handles offer players an excellent grip.

Durable Construction

Made with plastic walls that are twice as thick as any other plastic bat on the market, they’ll stand up to years of routine use. Molded-in grips with tape over the top give players the best grip they can find on a plastic bat. The durable designs stand up to use with plastic, rubber, and foam balls.

Great for Training

The bats are available in six sizes, giving teachers the chance to pick the best option for their classes' abilities. The bats are lightweight, leading to a slower exit speed of the ball after contact during batting drills or game play. This also makes the bats excellent for use indoors because there is less risk of balls flying at an overly fast speed. The Rainbow colors and multiple sizes let teachers easily organize their classes into color-coded batting groups and drills.

Phenom Bats are available in:

  • Skinny Bats: Smaller 1-1/4" dia barrel for advanced users. 32"L.
  • Standard Bats: Standard 2-1/4" dia barrel. 30"L.
  • Mid-Size Bats: Intermediate 3" dia barrel for improved contact. 29"L.
  • Big Bats: Oversized 4-1/2" dia barrel for easier contact. 28"L
  • Flat Bats: Oversized 4-1/2" dia barrel with a flat surface for early beginner success. 28"L.