Rainbow KickShield Shin Guards

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Colorful shin guards for soccer keep your players protected and your class organized!

Easily outfit and organize teams or classes with these shin guards! A simplistic design makes this an easy-to-use and economical option for your team or school. Bright, kid-friendly Rainbow colors easily identify teams, making them perfect for large groups.

Reliable Protection and Comfort

Lightweight guards protect shins from kicks, slide tackles, and impact with the ball. The hard, plastic shell holds up to the force of stopping a hard-kicked ball. Foam backing absorbs shock and provides comfort. Curved design conforms to the shin for added comfort. Because there is no ankle strap, these shin guards are recommended primarily for PE play and light practice.

Easy to Use

There’s no need to remove shoes to put on these shin guards. Simply fasten the hook-and-loop fasteners on the back of the calf muscle for a secure fit. The ease of use makes it extremely easy to get your entire class ready for practice or play quickly, increasing the amount of time spent on actual activities!

Easy Activity Organization

Outfit teams or classes using Rainbow Sets. Easily divide students into groups based on the color of the shin guard they are wearing. Students will have no problem recognizing where they need to be or who is on their team.