Rainbow IntroFit Sandbags

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Now even the youngest students can experience the fun and versatility of sandbag training!

The ideal option for a beginner sandbag workout, these lightweight bags are friendlier than heavier options yet just as durable! Featuring multiple handles around each bag, it's easy for students to get a grip on the basics of of sandbag training!

Extremely Durable Design

Designed with younger students in mind, the construction of these these kid-sized sandbags will endure tough wear and tear. The pliable cover is soft to the touch and non-intimidating, yet rugged enough to stand up to constant use in institutional settings. These bags are pre-filled, meaning you won't have to struggle with complicated bladders and filling systems that leak sand in your fitness area.

Versatile Grips

Similar to our more advanced UltraFit Demolition Sandbags and Detonate Force Sandbags, these beginner sandbags offer grip points and handles across the entire surface of the bag. This allows students to conveniently and comfortably hold the bag while they engage in a number of different exercises. Using these lightweight beginner bags with higher repetitions allows students to focus on proper form instead of lifting heavy weight. 20"L x 7" dia. Set includes six 6 lb sand bags and a laminated exercise guide.