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Rainbow IntroFit Agility Ladders

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These shorter 10'L agility ladders with flat rungs are safer for beginners!

Rainbow colors make these kids' agility ladders great for teaching agility exercises and footwork drills. Two ladder sizes help you tailor your lesson to different student heights and ages. Designate colors for specific drills or string ladders together for an infinite number of skills tests and challenges!

Just Add and Go!

Shorter ladders make it easier for young students to make it through the whole ladder and increase feelings of confidence and success upon each completion. It's the perfect segue into agility training! As skills progress, simply clip on additional ladders together for longer routines.

Chose between two base lengths to fit the needs of your class.

  • 7-rung ladder. Helps familiarize students with the basics of ladder drills. 10’L with 15-1/2" between rungs.
  • 10-rung ladder. Makes drills more accommodating for smaller students with a shorter stride length. 10’L with 10" between rungs.

Both ladders lie completely flat on the floor for optimal student safety and easy setup.

Color-Coded Options

Bright Rainbow colors make it easy to identify drills in a circuit setup. Students will know which drill they are on, just by looking at the ladder! Vivid colors also make it easy to set up teams and organize equipment after use.

Highly Durable

Constructed with polyethylene welding and hard plastic rungs, no amount of student abuse is going to wear down these agility ladders! They’ll easily stand up to constant footfalls, and are designed to be used in institutional settings.

Each set includes 6 ladders, 1 laminated activity guide, and 1 storage bag.