Rainbow HoopKlipperz

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Unit:  Set of 6

Clips hold hoops with more stability and in more positions than ever before.

Hold hoops together securely with these high-impact ABS-plastic clips! Create obstacle courses, throwing patterns, agility races, and more!

Versatile, Durable Design

Simply snap one side of the HoopKlipperz on to a hoop to connect the other side to a second hoop. A rubber insert inside of each C-shaped clip compresses and forms around the hoops to securely hold them into place so hoops won't wobble or easily come apart.

HoopKlipperz keep the hoop stable, so students can run to the horizontal hoops on the floor and throw through the vertical hoops in the air! Each clip end can also rotate, so you can change the angle as you wish.

ABS plastic construction is resistant to breaking and can be used indoors or out. Clips come in the same Rainbow colors as our DuraHoop sets, so you can easily color coordinate clips and hoops!

Each clip set includes activity instructions to provide instant activity ideas for all ages. HoopKlipperz fit DuraHoop Hoops but are not compatible with DuraHoop Skinny Hoops.