Rainbow Foam Relay Batons

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Take the fear out of relay exchanges with these extra-long, super-soft batons.

Make comfortable exchanges with less stress about dropping batons! These neoprene foam batons are textured to make hand-offs simple and safe, indoors and out.

Great for Beginners

Made of a durable neoprene foam, these soft and safe batons are very soft and flexible making them easier to handle and exchange with confidence. A textured surface adds grip and control. These batons the perfect tool for teaching handoff technique.

Additionally, the batons are longer than traditional relay batons, at 14" versus 11-1/2". This also makes it easier for students to make handoffs, as there is more area to grab.

Better Organization

Batons are available in Rainbow Sets of 6 to help teachers easily organize groups by color or to mark off different starting stations and points.