Rainbow Flex-A-Ball Balls

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Soft, flexible plastic balls are safe, durable, and spring back to shape!

These plastic baseballs play like hard plastic balls, but they are softer and safer for beginners and indoor use. They are a perfect addition to any lesson with younger students!

Built for Quality

The flexible construction of these balls absorbs contact when hit and then springs back into place. Players can safely use them with plastic, foam, or metal bats, making them ideal for use by players of all ages and skill levels. The balls will not leave marks on walls or floors upon contact, unlike other, stiffer plastic balls. This is the safest plastic ball we have to offer.

Match Sizes to Skill Levels

The ball is available in 3 sizes, allowing teachers to pick the best option for their classes’ skill levels. Various sizes allow for easier skill progression. Players can start with the oversized softball and work their way down to the official baseball size as skills progress. Rainbow colors make it easy to organize students into different groups.