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Rainbow FitPro Champion Mesh Vests

As low as $9.25

Our best practice vest is designed for a champion!

The most durable vest we sell is ideal for group games. These long-lasting vests allow for greater range of movement for players of all ages.

Superior Durability

These 100% polyester fabric vests offer maximum durability. The heavy-duty material and reinforced stitching work together to ensure fewer rips during intense game play. Vests are easy to clean and machine washable, meaning you can expand their lives even more through regular cleaning.

Easy Movement

Flexible polyester, 1/2"W elastic waistband, and multiple sizes guarantee a perfect fit for every student. Vests feature 3/8"W black trim on the neck and arm openings for easy identification, cutting down on time spent trying to put it on correctly. Contoured fit guarantees ease of movement. A large tag makes it easy for students to identify their correct size.

Colorful Game Organization

These vests are available in several colors, making it easier for teachers and coaches to form teams. Color coordinating allows everyone to easily distinguish the runner or quarterback, or help students know who is on their team during Physical Education games.

Vest Options

  • Medium. Ideal for elementary students.
  • Large. Ideal for middle school and high school students.
  • X-Large. Ideal for larger students and adults.