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Rainbow EZ Throw Beginner Shots

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Introduce students to shot put with safe and lightweight EZ Throw trainers!

This shot out set is a lightweight alternative to official equipment that is sure to inspire confidence and excitement in young students! Soft, flexible equipment provides a safe learning environment for practicing throwing techniques!

Introductory Sets

Introduce students to shot put with these safe, lightweight trainers. They are less intimidating for because of their soft and flexible PVC design, which makes them easier to grip and throw.

Two different weights are available for each shot and discus. They are significantly lighter than competition equipment, helping beginners to focus on technique rather than distance.

Easy Organization

Each Set of 6 comes with a storage bag to easily fit all materials for simple transportation and storage. The Rainbow colors make it easy for teachers to color-code groups and stations as well as organize storage areas.

Set Options

  • Shot Put. Includes 6 shots (1 of each Rainbow color) and a storage bag.
    • 500 g
    • 1 kg