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Rainbow EnormouStack Set

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Players race to stack colorful buckets in a pyramid the fastest during a supersized stacking game!

One by one, players on each team take turns running to grab a 5-gallon bucket and bring it back to the team. The goal is to collect a bucket in each Rainbow color and stack them to form a pyramid of 6 buckets. The first team to assemble its pyramid, wins! Make the bucket game more challenging by adding obstacles players must go through on the way to collect buckets or have teams wait to start assembling their pyramids until all 6 of their buckets are collected. High-density polyethylene buckets are strong and built to last through game after game. Nest for compact storage. Complete Set includes 18 buckets (14"H; 3 ea color) and activity instructions with 2 standard games and 1 small-sided activity.