Rainbow DuraHoop Rhythm Hoops

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Unit:  Set of 12

Pellets inside weight the hoop and quickly get students in rhythm! 

Plastic pellets create a sound as they move inside the 2.3 mm thick hoop so students quickly perfect their rhythm. Features the same 1-piece, kink-proof DuraHoop design that stands up to routine use. Fused connection eliminates staples to enhance the durability and keep students safe. These 30" dia hoops are available in a set of 12.

Fun Colors and Sounds!

As soon as students pick up one of these weighted hoops and begin to use it, they’ll feel the rhythm created by pellets rustling within! The successive sound helps students dictate and maintain a rhythm, making them great use for dance units, rhythmic gymnastics, and in general play.

And, while they’re busy making exciting sounds, hoopers are getting a full body cardio workout that’s fun and effective! Hooping is exceptional for abdominals, oblique muscles, and back muscles, strengthening these muscle groups for a more stable base. Hooping also will raise the heart rate of students and provide an aerobic workout as well.

There are a number of games you can use hoops for, made even more fun with the rhythmic sound of these weighted hoops. One example would be a version of musical chairs, where when the music stops students jump in a hoop rather than sit on a chair.

In addition to fun sounds, Rainbow colors also entice students into picking up a hoop for activities. Colors provide a learning experience that can extend the versatility of any hooping game. For example, teachers can call out colors and have students race to hoops as part of a relay.

Weighted for Easier Use

Comparing these hoops to others, they feature a much heavier weight to them, to help in providing a rhythm as the pellets swish around the hoop. 30" diameter adds girth for a weightier feel, which also helps students to focus the hoops as they swing them around. Heavier, thicker hoop prevents kinks and bends from developing, which can render a hoop off-balance and useless.

Superior Construction

Hassle-free seams and fused-together ends create a continuous level of comfort and durability for these weighted hoops. Traditional hoops are constructed by extrusion molding and the ends are fitted with a plastic dowel or insert. The insert is stapled in place to attach the ends and then the staples are covered by a label. Over time, the label can wear and the staples can come loose, which creates dangerous sharp points. Since they’re fused together, these hoops are staple-free and you never have to worry about them coming apart!