Rainbow DuraCoat Coated-Foam Ball Pack

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A durable coated-foam ball pack to your assortment!

Enhanced resilience and durability to stand up to institutional wear makes these foam balls a great addition to your safe playground equipment for schools. Balls can be used for virtually any activity—from throwing and catching, to kicking and dribbling. Two foam densities offer versatile game play for students of any age or skill level.


  • Our DuraCoat coating is 50% stronger and has 33% more coating than our standard coat.
  • Our DuraCoat coating allows these balls to keep a perfectly round shape and protects premium foam from sharp objects and moisture.
  • Tacky, textured coating increases grip, giving students total control and accuracy during throwing and catching activities.

Our Most Durable

The coating on these balls is tougher than traditional coated-foam options, without compromising the smoothness, softness, or friendliness of the ball’s composure. Not only will DuraCoat stand up to picking and institutional wear, it’ll resist the elements to provide you with peace of mind both indoors and out. These balls won’t absorb moisture or collect debris, meaning reliable performance year after year. An included 45"W x 36"L mesh storage bag makes transportation and storage a breeze.

Two densities give you and your class options when it comes to utilizing the right foam balls for the day’s activities. From soccer practice to volleyball and beyond, based on your need for specific ball behaviors, this pack is ready to deliver optimal fun.

Pack includes 12 Rainbow DuraCoat Squeeze Balls (6 Ea 6", 7" dia), 12 Rainbow DuraCoat Versa balls (6 Ea 7", 8.25" dia), and a VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag.