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Rainbow DuraBall Recess Pack

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Our softest introductory playground ball provides a friendly, non-intimidating staple on the playground!

This well-rounded equipment pack provides students with everything they need to have fun and engage in physical activity on the playground. Whether they prefer to use playground balls, utility balls, kickballs, or four-square balls, this pack has it all!

Our friendly DuraBall playground balls are incredibly soft and non-intimidating for new or younger users. This ensures something for everyone in the class! Their rotomolded design and lack of any bladder make them last longer than others.

Pack also includes a Rainbow Set of 6 mesh bags to organize, store, and transport equipment, making this pack easy to handle and a joy to use.

Pack includes:

  • Rainbow DuraBall Playground Balls (10" dia), Set of 6
  • Rainbow DuraBall Utility Balls (8.5" dia), Set of 6
  • Rainbow DuraBall Kickballs (8.5" dia), Set of 6
  • Rainbow DuraBall 4-Square Balls (8.5" dia), Set of 6
  • Rainbow VersaBag mesh Bags (30"L x 18"W), Set of 6