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Rainbow Coated-Foam Dodgeball Packs

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You can dodge the ball but not the fun with these 36-ball packs!

Split your class into teams and let the dodgeballs fly as students take aim, throw, duck, and dodge their way through the most fun they’ll have in PE class! The foam construction of these dodgeballs makes them supremely safe playground equipment for schools, without taking away from the fast-paced fun of a traditional dodgeball game.


  • Our standard coating allows these balls to keep a perfectly round shape and protects premium foam from sharp objects and moisture.
  • Textured coating increases grip, giving students total control and accuracy during throwing and catching activities.

Safe and Friendly

Designed with a less-dense foam than generic activity balls, these balls are softer to the touch and much friendlier for bombardment-style games. With a cushioned grip, students to dole out fast throws and absorb the impact of being hit with a smile instead of sting!

Because the porous foam is designed to absorb energy, the balls glance off of their targets and return to perfect form. Minimal bounce means they won’t go far, keeping game play fast and heart rates up! Younger students will appreciate the naturally slower flight path of balls, while older players will enjoy putting more zip on their throws thanks to a sturdy grip.

Pack is available in your choice of two ball coatings. Choose Rainbow ClassicCoat Coated-Foam Dodgeballs or Rainbow DuraCoat Coated-Foam Dodgeballs. Pack includes 36 dodgeballs (12 Ea 6.3", 7", 8.25" dia) and 1 VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag.