Rainbow Coated-Foam Ball Pack One

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The widest selection of sizes for the widest variety of activities.

Give your students access to a wide range of ball sizes, with two foam options that are ideal for all types of play! This variety pack is perfect for PE programs catering to multiple age groups and proficiency levels, seeking an all-in-one solution to play equipment for schools.


  • These balls come with our standard coating, which covers foam to keep the shape and construction of balls protected from sharp objects or surfaces and keep out moisture, allowing all the balls in this pack to keep a true shape for long-lasting play.
  • Coating doesn't just protect the foam structure of balls, it also gives students a layer of texture and grip, allowing them better control over balls during throwing and catching, with improved accuracy during throwing.

Versatile Sizes

With coated foam balls ranging from 2.75" to 8.25" dia, this pack of safe playground equipment for schools was designed to provide encompassing activity options for students of all ages. Options include two types of foam, both great for tossing, catching, bouncing and kicking games across a range of different proficiencies and ages.

Simple Storage

To preserve the integrity of balls, this pack also provides a great storage option in the VersaBag mesh storage bag. Easily organize with compartmentalized storage in this durable mesh bag.

Pack includes:

  • Rainbow ClassicCoat Bounce Coated-Foam Balls, Set of 12 (6 Ea 2.75", 3.5" dia)
  • Rainbow ClassicCoat Versa Coated-Foam Balls, Set of 12 (6 Ea 6.3", 8.25 dia)
  • VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag (XXL), 1 Ea