Rainbow ClassicCoat Squeeze Coated-Foam Balls

As low as $54.95

Super soft foam ball with low bounce height, great for any activity!

With squeezably soft, low-density foam just like its predecessor, the SoftiBall, these balls are ideal for any tossing, catching and rolling activities. The no-sting foam design of the Squeeze allows new and young students to become very comfortable with skills, such as partner catches. The thick, dense foam provides a low bounce, making this ball excellent for rolling activities and cramped spaces.

Premium Coating

The durable cover protects the foam and helps these balls retain their shape for years, even with daily contact with floors and walls. Our premium coating resists picking, cracking, and moisture. This durability makes the Squeeze an excellent choice for institutional settings.

Great Versatility

Teachers can tailor this ball to their classes’ needs, with sizes replicating softballs, shotputs, handballs, and volleyballs. The Rainbow and Screamin’ Colors are great for class organization and allow instructors to change and mix up traditional games.