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Rainbow ClassicCoat GripGalore Coated-Foam Dodgeballs

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Unique webbing makes these dodgeballs easy to grip, aim, throw, and catch!

Grip and Control

Colorful webbing is drizzled all over these cool-looking dodgeballs, providing the most grip and control for students during dodgeball and other accuracy-focused games. The webbing contrasts with the color of each ball’s cover, creating a fun appearance and making the balls easier to track and dodge. The unique texture is fun to grasp and makes the balls easier to throw so younger students can feel more confident and get excited to play.

Superior Construction

The balls also feature a soft firmness level and medium bounce, which is perfect for safe bombardment-style play. Yet while the foam interior is soft and gentle, the ClassicCoat exterior of these balls is tougher and more durable than other foam dodgeballs on the market. This premium coating resists tearing or peeling and retains the balls’ shape for years.