Rainbow ClassicCoat Coated-Foam Dodgeballs

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Player-friendly, soft coated-foam dodgeballs offer a low bounce that works for a variety of games and activities!

The combination of durability, softness and versatility make these balls great for a variety of ages, activity types and skill levels. Constructed of high-quality European materials, the ClassicCoat dodgeball is built for both superior performance and longevity.

Great for All Ages

Made of soft, low-density foam, this ball promotes success for beginners by eliminating any intimidation from contact with the ball. In addition to providing safety, the low-density foam is slower in flight, providing great grip and control. These balls also have a low bounce, which helps students keep the ball in play.

Premium Coating

A tough outer coating protects the foam interior, ensuring the ball maintains its shape and properly performs for years. This premium coating won’t peel or crack, and it locks out moisture for resilient outdoor play. The slightly tacky coating increases grip for easier throwing and catching.