Rainbow Beanbag Bonanza Packs

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Nearly 100 beanbags in Rainbow colors and your choice of material!

These class packs of beanbags come in quantities of 96 in a variety of materials and sizes, making them perfect for group activities and team identification in large classes and schools.

Multiple Material and Size Choices

These bags come in sets with 4 material options: nylon, cotton, polyester/cotton, and vinyl.

  • Nylon is a soft yet durable option. Includes 3 sizes (4”, 5”, 6”).
  • Cotton is the softest and safest material. Includes 3 sizes (4”, 5”, 6”).
  • The polyester/cotton mix is a soft material that has extra durability added into the stitching. Includes 3 sizes (4”, 5”, 6”).
  • Vinyl is the most durable and is the only one recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. Includes 2 sizes (4”, 5”).

Great for Classroom Use

Each pack includes 96 beanbags, allowing gym teachers to be ready to go with just one pack! Choose the Variety Pack for a combination of all 4 beanbag material options. A VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag in each pack fits all the beanbags for easy storage and transportation before and after classes.

The bags come in 6 Rainbow colors, which makes it easy for teachers to divide students into groups for each game or split them into different types of games.

Pack Options

  • Nylon, Pack of 96
  • Polyester/Cotton, Pack of 96
  • Cotton, Pack of 96
  • Vinyl, Pack of 96
  • Variety Pack, Pack of 96