Rainbow Beanbag Bocce Set

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Kids' bocce ball set incorporates beanbags to bring the fun indoors!

Traditional bocce balls are often too hard for indoor surfaces. The softer beanbags in this set help students safely develop tossing skills and distance perception indoors or out. Play on a team or individually on any surface with the nylon beanbags.

Entertaining Game Options

Play any of 3 games with your Rainbow Beanbag Bocce Set! One example is Island Beanbag Bocce. At the signal, the first player on each team tosses his/her beanbag toward the target beanbag. This continues until all players toss their bags. If the target beanbag moves during play but stays on the island (a small taped area), leave it as is. If it gets knocked off the island, immediately return it to the center of the island. After all players toss, tally points for that round. Teams then rotate clockwise and begin the second round for a total of 6 rounds.

Ideal for Beginners

Each beanbag is made of a soft nylon material, making the bags easy to handle and friendly for all ages. Filled with plastic pellets, the design ensures bags do not roll far, if any, when they land. As a result, they are much easier to control than traditional bocce balls. The bags can be used on any indoor or outdoor surface.

Rainbow colors allow for up to 6 teams to play at once. Set includes 6 black beanbags (6" sq), 72 Rainbow beanbags (5" sq), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.