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Rainbow AeroScoop Scoops Set

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Unit:  Set of 6

Students will find it easier to catch, throw, and control balls using these scoops during tossing activities!

Put a new twist on catching and tossing by introducing a scoop ball activity to your students, and watch as they have tons of fun scrambling to pick up balls! The scoop’s unique flared end aids in the successful catching, while the deeper cup makes the ball less likely to bounce out. Built-in center ribbing keeps the ball centered as it tracks up and down the basket, decreasing wild throws and increasing control.

Beginner-Friendly Design

Unlike standard scoops, these beginner scoops are specifically designed to help younger players improve coordination. Scoops feature a flared end, wider and deeper base, and center ribbing to promote easier handling and better capturing of balls. All of these features aim to increase success as students master tossing and catching skills.

Lightweight construction and ergonomic handle also make it easy for young students to control these scoops. Vented construction improves airflow through the scoop itself, lowering resistance for faster movements. Not quite as small as UltraCatch Scoops, but not quite as large as UltraCatch Jumbo Scoops, these scoops are a perfect medium for beginners.

Teach Tossing and Catching Skills

Use scoops to catch balls in the air, or use them to field balls on the ground. Scoops mimic tennis, lacrosse, and even baseball to provide students with several fun game options. Scooping games improve students' hand/eye coordination, dexterity, and critical thinking. All of these skills easily transfer over to a myriad of other activities!