RacquetKing Tennis Cart

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You'll "love" how easy it is to store and transport your tennis equipment!

Consolidate all of your tennis equipment into a single cart and preserve exceptional organization, while adding transportation capabilities! This tennis cart is ready to go, no matter where your courts are located, and will offer a simple and effective solution to transporting equipment for the entire class. This is the best tennis storage cart on the market!

Transport All Your Equipment

Load up racquets, balls, nets, and any other equipment you might need to teach and practice tennis—this cart has proper storage compartments for all of it and won’t be burdened by the weight of an entire class’ load. Laser-cut grooves accommodate 24 racquets without any prospect of damage to the grips or faces. Wireframe baskets on both ends of the cart hold dozens of tennis balls, to ensure there’s enough for the entire class. Underneath, a single bottom shelf holds larger items, including rolled up nets, cones, and bags of peripheral equipment.

Take it Anywhere

With all of your equipment atop two 4” locking swivel casters and two 6” all-terrain wheels, it doesn’t matter where your tennis courts are: this cart will make it to them. Designed for non-marring indoor use and rugged outdoor use alike, you’ll have no trouble pulling or pushing the cart from your storage shed or closet to the activity area and back.

The entire cart measures 52”L x 25”W x 45”H and weight 40 lb total by itself. These dimensions are great for navigating through doorways, as well as in and out of tight spaces where the cart might be used as a storage option. Handles on both ends are easy to grip and steer with.

Great Strength and Resilience

Powder coated steel stands up to institutional wear and tear with ease, staving off blemishes, abrasions, and other detractors that might pose a problem for less resilient carts. The powder coating also protects against moisture and other elements that might come into play when the cart is used outdoors.

The entire construction of this tennis cart is welded steel, which is ultimately resistant to all institutional forms of wear and tear. Additional welds at key joints and junctions also reinforces the construction of the cart itself, meaning reliability over time and safety for your equipment, whether in storage or in transit.