QuickTurn Licorice Speed Ropes

As low as $29.95

Our thinnest PVC rope spins faster for quicker individual or team jumping. 

Thinner, lighter, and built for speed, students can take their jumping workouts up a notch with speed ropes! An ergonomic handle and varying lengths and colors make it easy to find the right rope and jump individually or with partners. High durability makes them optimal for institutional gym classes.

Quick Spin Action

Featuring a thinner 3/16” rope design, this rope spins faster and longer. With less effort, students will be able to get up to their top jumping speed, raising their heart rate and completing more revolutions per minute. These ropes are great for team competitions.

Durable Construction

Constructed with an extruded solid piece of PVC, there are no weak points or seams to compromise under heavy use. Handles are resistant to breaking and will survive regular use, drops, and even misuse by students. Handles measure 5-1/2”L x 1-1/2”dia and are ergonomic for comfort and grip.

Easy Identification

Ropes are color-coded and feature an easy-to-read designation on the handle for easy identification. Rope colors also make organization quick and simple for teachers.