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QuickFrame Premium Bowling Packs

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Quickly set up top-quality PE bowling lanes almost anywhere!

These bowling sets for kids include everything needed to set up games for Physical Education classes! Each pack includes a heavyweight carpet that simulates a bowling lane, as well as weighted pins, a rubber ball, pin setup templates, and more!

Full Bowling Set

Our premium bowling carpet marks accurate lane dimensions while creating a flat surface for students. This enables them to get a true roll that helps them develop essential skills. These complete packs include high-quality equipment, making this the best, most complete bowling set we offer!

The single 1-Lane Pack is ideal for small groups or individual games. The 4-Lane Pack is ideal for larger classes or schools and includes 4 times the equipment of the 1-Lane Pack, plus a Magnus Bowling Cart for easy storage and transportation of all included equipment

1-Lane Pack includes:

  • UltraPin Pins, Set of 10
  • X-Force Bowling Ball, 5 lb, 1 Ea
  • PinStop Corral, 1 Ea
  • PinDeck Placement Mat, 1 Ea
  • Score Pad, 1 Ea

4-Lane Pack includes:

  • UltraPin Pins, Set of 40
  • X-Force Bowling Balls, 5 lb, 4 Ea
  • PinStop Corral, 4 Ea
  • PinDeck Placement Mat, 1 Ea
  • Magnus Bowling Cart, 1 Ea