Pressureless Tennis Balls

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Low-bounce, de-pressurized balls for practice and training.

Slow things down to teach tennis at a basic level with these pressureless tennis balls. Because there is no air pressure to absorb the shock of bounces and hits, these balls spin less and bounce lower for easier returns. Slower flight speed and Optic Yellow color allow players to better track the ball and make more adjustments for a confident swing. With a thicker rubber shell than pressurized balls and no chance of going dead, these balls will last for years of institutional use. Sturdy felt protects them against hard surfaces. Quantities of 12, 72, and 144 give you options for all class sizes! 72- and 144-packs include a handy mesh ball bag.


  • Optic Yellow Color
  • Pressureless
  • Slower flight, lower bounce, and less spin than pressurized balls
  • For beginners and machine use