Portable Aluminum Benches

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Portable aluminum benches are ideal for outdoor use.

Set up seating for players in a snap, then move these benches back into storage when done. These benches make it that easy! Choose from 4 lengths with or without backrests. The sturdy design and reliable construction is perfect for frequent institutional use.

Portable Convenience

Place these benches wherever they are needed! The portable design makes it easy to pick up, move, and set them down for optimal seating. This also allows coaches and teachers to move benches into storage when not in use, protecting them and ensuring they remain in optimal condition for longer. Supportive feet keep benches stable when occupied, preventing tipping.

Sturdy Construction

All benches include a sturdy aluminum-alloy seat and a heavy-duty, galvanized steel frame for long-lasting durability. Benches withstand use in institutional settings without compromising.

Choose benches with or without a backrest. Benches are available in 4 lengths to best suit school or team needs.

Bench Options

  • Bench with Back, 36”H x 22”D
    • 6’L, 40 lb
    • 8’L, 80 lb
    • 15’L, 133 lb
    • 21’L, 182 lb
  • Bench without Back, 18”H x 22”D
    • 6’L, 40 lb
    • 8’L, 47 lb
    • 15’L, 115 lb
    • 21’L, 127 lb