Pop-Up Tackling Trainers

As low as $679.00
Speed up tackling drills with a trainer that pops back up without a holder!

Speed up drills and get unlimited repetitions while learning how to safely tackle! These tackling trainers do not require a holder. The heavy 24" dia base allows the trainer to pop back up after each tackle.

Tough, Friendly Design

A 3-layer, 18 oz vinyl-covered base, and a single-layer 18 oz vinyl-covered body offers advanced durability so players can tackle time after time during drills. Rubber-coated base helps prevent stinging or bruising on players' legs. Available in traditional cone design or Spartan with a body shape. Coaches and other players can use the trainer's 4 carrying handles to easily move it anywhere on the field.

Trainer Options:

  • Traditional. Specify color when ordering.
    • Junior, 45"H, 80 lb
    • Varsity, 60"H, 115 lb
    • Pro, 72"H, 125 lb
  • Spartan. Gold. 59"H, 82 lb.