Polar Unite Heart Rate Monitors

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Track heart rate for stronger training sessions and better insights on overall health.

You won’t be second-guessing the highly accurate heart rate data offered by proprietary sensor fusion technology. Continuous heart rate monitoring is always gathering insights, so students get realistic calorie burn and activity data. This watch can even account for weight, height, age, gender, and more when calculating the exact number of calories burned! For even more customization, toggle between more than 100 programs for popular sports. Students can even take trackers home and measure their sleep! Sync with the Polar Flow app for full data emersion.

Waterproof construction is highly durable for rainy runs or laps in the pool. A bright full-color touch screen is easy to read at a glance. Battery lasts for 50 hours in training mode, so these trackers don’t skip a beat even when used by multiple classes back-to-back.

Available individually or in packs with additional equipment (pack contents listed below).


  • Monitor tracks:
    • Heart rate
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
  • Custom USB charging adapter for charging and data synchronization
  • Color touch display shows:
    • Time of day
    • Heart rate zone
    • Heart rate BPM
    • Calories burned
  • 50-hour battery life in training mode; up to 4 days in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking
  • Connected GPS via use with smartphone
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters

6- or 12-Packs include:

  • Monitors, 6 or 12 Ea
  • 10-Port USB Hub, 1 Ea
  • Storage Case, 1 Ea

24-Pack includes:

  • Monitors, 24 Ea
  • 10-Port USB Hub, 2 Ea
  • Storage Case, 1 Ea
  • Heart Education Book, 1 Ea
  • Heart Rate Chart (ages 10 and up), 1 Ea