Playing Fair Book

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Discover how to foster an environment of problem solving, decision making, and team work.

Learn how to address modern group behavioral issues to create an environment where students respect their peers and work cooperatively. Playing Fair takes the ‘Teaching Games for Understanding' (TGfU) approach to the next level, adding the development of group processes and inclusive behaviors. Implement strategies for conflict resolution, group decision making, leadership, and bullying.

Addressing Modern Behaviors

Antisocial behavior and bullying are ongoing problems in schools today. This 296-page book calls attention to the underlying drivers of these issues and focuses on conflict resolution, inclusion, democratic decision making, and leadership. Teachers learn how to create learning environments typical of the TGfU approach. Students benefit from activities and a curriculum that tout mutual respect and inclusion.

Playing Fair brings out inherent qualities that are an instrumental and integral part of games: play, fun, challenge, inventiveness, teamwork, friendship, and quick thinking. Students who understand how to respect, communicate, and play fair will better understand how to deescalate combative situations and incorporate fairness into their cognitive processes.





  • Chapter 1. Play, Inventing Games, Democracy in Action, and Worldview
  • Chapter 2. Teaching and Learning Social Justice Through Inventing Games
  • Chapter 3. Scaffolds for Learning: Schema, Transfer, Classifications, and Rules
  • Chapter 4. Developmental Learning and Curriculum Design
  • Chapter 5. Pedagogical Principles
  • Chapter 6. Inventing Unopposed Target Games
  • Chapter 7. Innovative Approaches to Opposed Target Games
  • Chapter 8. Inventing Striking Games: Danish Longball
  • Chapter 9. Striking Game: Cricket
  • Chapter 10. Inventing Net and Wall Games
  • Chapter 11. Net and Wall Games: Pickleball
  • Chapter 12. Inventing Invasion Games
  • Chapter 13. Invasion Game: Soccer
  • Chapter 14. Invasion Game: Touch Football
  • Chapter 15. Final Thoughts