Physical Education for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders Book

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Learn strategies and tools to help students with autism become successful in PE.

This teaching resource includes videos, instruction, stories, and choice boards to teach students with autism spectrum disorders about Physical Education. All activities are designed to promote social and motor skill development.

Engaging Lessons and Tools

This 152-page book offers strategies, insight, and tools to help physical education teachers design a curriculum that includes students with autism spectrum disorders. Through this material, teachers will learn to better support students' abilities and learning interests, develop solutions for appropriate programming, and teach students the skills they need to learn through natural support systems, social learning tools, and engaging activities.



  • Part I. Developing Instruction for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Chapter 1. Understanding Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Chapter 2. Autism Spectrum Disorders From the Family Perspective
    • Chapter 3. Accessing the Curriculum Through the Inclusion Spectrum
    • Chapter 4. Proactive Strategies for Inclusion
    • Chapter 5. Reducing Stress to Optimize Learning
    • Chapter 6. Assessment and the IEP Process
  • Part II. Individual and Small Group Games and Activities
    • Chapter 7. Individualized Games and Activities
    • Chapter 8. Group Games and Activities