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Gopher Performer Plus Rubber Footballs

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Stitched-rubber kids football plays like a composite ball.

Durable football includes sewn panels and laces, making the overall feel and play better than molded rubber balls. It features upgraded rubber, and it is our best and only stitched rubber ball.

High Quality and High Performing

This superior rubber football has a stitched cover and extra nylon windings for increased strength. Inside is a rubber butyl bladder that ensures proper air and shape retention. The quality of rubber, stitching, backing, and bladder make this a step up from the standard Performer ball.

This rubber football includes deep, molded-in pebbling for improved grip and performance when throwing and catching. White laces and stripes enhance the player’s ability to track the ball in flight.

Convenient Class Organization

Multiple sizes and colors give teachers options to divide classes according to skill level or drill type. Footballs in Rainbow colors make it easy to set up color-coded drills, while the tan ball looks more traditional. Available in 3 sizes. Tan Official Size ball meets NFHS specifications.