PE Digital Library K-5

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A complete library of class resources at your fingertips.

This ready-to-use digital library of physical education lesson plans provides teachers with instruction at a glance. With included diagrams and activity guidelines, it's easy to grab a tablet or laptop and get class started. Teachers can also print the day's activity or other handouts for students.

Easily Accessible Lessons

This digital library gives teachers access to more than 200 SHAPE America-approved lesson plans for physical education. Each is designed to teach younger students the core skills they need to meet national PE standards. Teachers can access lessons on a tablet and bring it with them while monitoring student activities, referencing the material as needed. For classroom instruction, teacher can use a laptop to view lessons and can be projected for students to see.

Comprehensive Lesson Overviews

Lessons are organized in a digital hierarchy, making them easy to locate and access. Each lesson plan details hundreds of proven activities and assessments, developed to meet grade-level standards and outcomes for PE students. Teachers can also access rubrics and metrics to monitor student progress. Reporting tools help involve parents and keep them informed of their child's progress.

Physical education lesson plans outlined in this digital library are divided into units that align with national standards 1, 2, and 3. Standards 4 and 5 are addressed by secondary objectives within the entire physical education curriculum.