Par'Putt Miniature Golf

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Includes 9 obstacle sets that attach with hook-and-loop fasteners for course customization.

Create a fully customizable, 9-hole mini golf course in just minutes and give your students a fun way to brush up on their short game! The design of this set mimics a real miniature golf course and boasts exceptional durability that allows it to be used indoors and out in institutional settings. When you’re done, the entire set breaks down into individual obstacles, barriers, and mats, and loaded onto a convenient cart (sold separately) for quick transport and storage.

Tons of Fun

Instead of lining up shots down a straight putting green and sinking ball after ball with ease, give your students a fun challenge that'll keep them engaged and excited! This portable mini golf course can be tailored into an infinite number of variations to keep students on their toes as they seek to sink an ace. Place a variety of obstacles right on the putting surface to create scalable challenges that can be adopted for any age or skill level.

With 9 holes total included in this set, there's no limit to the number of mini golf course layouts you can design in mere minutes. Students will learn hand/eye coordination, depth perception, power control, and more as they try to navigate through your unique course with as few strokes as possible! Partner your students up into teams for friendly competition or set a class-wide goal and see who can reach it as students make their way through the course.

Superior Durability

Frames and obstacles are made of incredibly durable recycled plastic, which allows these sets to be used both indoors and out without issue. Everything within the set is designed to be sustainable, without rotting, rusting, corroding, or fading, to ensure your students are able to enjoy them for years to come. Everything connects to the mats with hook-and-loop fasteners to ensure they're secure during play, further illustrating the longevity of the set.

When it comes to keeping play contained, the barriers surrounding the putting surface keep balls from ricocheting off and into the surrounding area, as well as helping to add an element of banking and bouncing to help students overcome obstacles on their way to a par putt!

Easy Storage

With setup and takedown taking only minutes, this portable mini golf course is ideal for any class, in any setting. Putting surfaces quickly unroll, with obstacles gently attaching via hook-and-loop fasteners and barriers placed fully around the outside. When class is over, the takedown process is just as easy!

We also offer an ABS storage cart to house and haul everything, complete with 6 locking swivel caster wheels for rapid loading and unloading. The entire cart can be pushed to and from storage, sliding neatly into place wherever you have room in your storage closet.

Par'Putt Miniature Golf Options

Par'Putt Miniature Golf is available as a set, with carts sold separately.

  • Par'Putt Golf Set
  • Cart, 56"L x 14"W x 21"H, 36 lb