OMNIKIN Standard Replacement Bladders

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Replacement bladders for OMNIKIN balls.

These inflatable replacement bladders for KIN-BALL and other OMNIKIN balls include a large mouth opening for easy inflation. Simply place the bladder inside your existing cover, inflate it, twist the bladder neck several times, and tie it off. There's no need for an air stopper or plugs.

Bladders are available in 4 sizes. They expand to fit a range of OMNIKIN Balls. All sizes are available in standard latex; 40"-48" dia also available in TPU for a non-latex option.

Replacement Bladder Options

  • 18"-24" dia. Ideal for use with OMNIKIN Multicolor, Ultra, and SIX balls.
  • 33"-36" dia. Ideal for use with OMNIKIN Multicolor and Ultra balls.
  • 40"-48" dia. Ideal for use with OMNIKIN KIN-BALL, Multicolor, and Ultra balls.
  • 60"-72" dia. Ideal for use with OMNIKIN Ultra balls.