OMNIKIN Poison Balls

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Play in small groups or get the whole class involved in games using this set of OMNIKIN balls.

Dribble, catch, throw, tag, and dodge in a fast-paced game of OMNIKIN Poison. It's a great game to introduce players to the benefits of teamwork in both small and large groups. At 18" dia and 1/2 lb each, these smaller OMNIKIN balls are easy to handle by players of any age. Sets include 3 covers (1 Ea pink, yellow, black) and 6 bladders. Choose from standard or athletic bladders. Standard bladders with large-mouth openings are easy to inflate and tie off, while bladders with athletic valves require a standard ball needle and inflator. Replacement bladders sold separately.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.