Official NASP School Target

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The official target of the NASP program.

This freestanding archery target for schools meets NASP specifications, emphasizing performance and longevity. A polypropylene target face is weather- and fade-resistant, while a replaceable high-density core bears the brunt of heavy arrows fired from even the most powerful bows.

Inside the target, 220 layers make up a high-density, supremely resilient core that withstands arrows fired from both compound recurve bows with 20-70 lb draw weights. Once it's smattered with holes, replace only the worn part without sacrificing the whole target.

Available with or without wheels. Wheels allow for easy transportation from storage to the range. Included straps are great for pulling or even lifting the target to position it exactly where you want it. 32”L x 33”W x 12”H, 65 lb. Target Face and Replacement Cover also sold separately.