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Official Dodgeball Foam Ball Pack

As low as $799.00

Ultimate dodgeball action ensues with this official dodgeball pack!

Equip the entire class with dodgeball equipment to start playing quickly and effortlessly. Coated-foam dodgeballs are great for beginners and kids, allowing students to build confidence and enjoy physical activity.

Packs come with a set of 12 foam balls in each of 3 popular diameters — 6.3", 7", and 8.25" dia. Don't worry about storing or transporting all these high-quality foam balls, either. Each set includes a VersaBag mesh storage bag that allows teachers and coaches to easily move balls between the PE closet and play area. It also protects the balls while not in use.

Choose between two of our most popular foam ball coatings with this comprehensive foam ball pack!

DuraCoat. The best grip for easy throwing and catching! Our special DuraCoat formula provides 33% more coating, making DuraCoat 50% stronger than traditional dodgeballs. The extra thickness provides slightly more heft, giving users an accurate throw. The cover is also pick proof and moisture-resistant. On top of that, we combined our non-slip cover with our squeezable, premium foam for perfect shape retention and the best grip possible.

ClassicCoat. A tough outer coating protects the foam and ensures proper shape for years. It won’t peel or crack, and it locks out moisture for resilient outdoor play. The slightly tacky coating increases grip for easier throwing and catching.