National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 PE Guide

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Navigate the new national standards and grade-level outcomes for PE.

Created by SHAPE America, this book outlines 3 unique domains of development—psychomotor, cognitive, and affective—to showcase the importance of proper physical activity levels. The guide takes into account grade level, gender, instructional climate, student engagement, and more to help PE teachers achieve their truest potential.

Understand PE Standards and Benchmarks

This book educates PE teachers about physical literacy across all grade levels. It also assists teachers in the formation of lesson plans and objectives that meet national physical education standards and benchmarks. By recognizing and adhering to national SHAPE America PE standards, students will benefit from lessons designed to encourage the attitude, motivation, and social and psychological skills they need to develop lifelong physical literacy.

Clearly-defined objectives in this 136-page guide allow teachers to see the standards their students should be striving for and, through comprehensive sequencing and instruction, helps them best meet the needs of their developing students. A 264-page lesson book assists teachers as they plan their own lessons.


  • Section I. Exploring the National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes
    • Chapter 1. Developing a Curriculum Framework
    • Chapter 2. National Standards for K-12 Physical Education
    • Chapter 3. Elementary School-Level Outcomes (K-Grade 5)
    • Chapter 4. Middle School-Level Outcomes (Grades 6-8)
    • Chapter 5. High School-Level Outcomes (Grades 9-12)
  • Section II. Implementing the Outcomes
    • Chapter 6. Outcomes Skills & Knowledge Across Grade Levels
    • Chapter 7. Teaching for Content and Skill Mastery
    • Chapter 8. Evidence of Student Learning
    • Chapter 9. Resources for Teaching the Standards & Outcomes