MyPlate Class Packs

No Longer Available

All the visual aides and instruction needed to teach and promote MyPlate activities!

MyPlate Class Pack is a complete educational guide for the USDA MyPlate program, featuring the ultimate combination of visual aides and informative materials. MyPlate Poster/Banner Pack and MyPlate Teaching Kit (both included in the Class Pack) are also sold separately.

Enhance Your MyPlate Program

Each pack is designed to give teachers the items needed to successfully teach and promote the MyPlate program. Packs include items like visual materials (posters and banners), teaching kit that includes handouts, presentations, and hands-on activities to get students motivated, interested, and learning.

Pack Options

  • MyPlate Class Pack. Includes MyPlate Food Cling Kit (5 mats, 142 food cling pieces, and poly-zip storage portfolio), 6 plastic MyPlate plate references, and the MyPlate poster/banner pack.
  • MyPlate Poster/Banner Pack. Includes one 24" x 63" vinyl MyPlate banner with grommets, 1 tripod banner stand, and 4 laminated MyPlate posters.
  • MyPlate Teaching Kit. Includes one hundred 8-1/2” x 11” handouts and PowerPoint presentation that reviews food groups, proper daily intake, and portion size.