Multi-Dome Jr. Set

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Enjoy big Multi-Dome obstacle course fun in a versatile, compact size!

This set of compact, easy-to-use domes provides teachers with the resources to make at least 12 exciting obstacle courses, or they can design their own courses. Students can also create courses to test athletic abilities, develop coordination, and practicing gross motor skills.

Add Variety to Courses

Create a new and challenging obstacle course every time with this convenient pack. It includes many of the same great features as the original Multi-Dome Activity Sets, but these domes are just on a smaller scale. The obstacles help students become familiar with objects and how to fit through them. Teachers can also use the arch gates as soccer goals or create targets with the Klipz and hoops for throwing practice.

Easy to Use

Each 8" dia dome has 4 connection points, allowing for more than one attachment in each dome. Teachers can also insert hoops 2 ways in the domes. Simply snap the attachments into place to create obstacles. When the action ends, it is easy to quickly disassemble the obstacles for compact storage.

Durable Construction

Made of tough plastic, the domes are strong enough to double as hilltops or river stones for younger students when teaching stability and judging distances. Teachers can also add sand to the domes to weigh them down for added stability.

Set includes:

  • Multi-Dome Jr. Domes, Set of 24
  • Arch Gates, Set of 6
  • Klipz, Set of 12
  • Wand Posts, Set of 12
  • DuraHoopPlus Hoops, Set of 12