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Multi-Directional Agility Ladders

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Intersecting agility ladders allow for linear and lateral movements in the same drill!

With two connectable agility ladders, the potential for unique ladder drills and exercises is limitless! Create unique patterns to test specific skills or set them up for multiple students to use simultaneously. Once students get used to two intersecting ladders, add even more (sold separately) for more complex patterns and drills. Because game play is never in one direction, training shouldn’t be either! Intersecting ladders allow drills to start going in one direction, and then switch toward another.

Hook-and-loop closures secure ladders where they intersect, keeping them secure under the lightning-fast movement of users’ feet. The fast connection and ability to connect to multiple spots on each ladder means coaches aren’t tied to one setup. It’s quick and easy to change up the ladder configuration when you want to work on other speed and agility skills.

Locking end-to-end clips also allow you to double the length from 15’ to 30’ in seconds. Solid polyethylene webbing and flat plastic rungs are designed to last for years of institutional use. The ladder rungs are highly visible in our Screamin’ Orange, making these ladders accessible for all ages. Complete Set includes two ladders with storage bags. Each ladder is 15’L x 17”W and folds for compact transport and storage.