MonoSquat Single-Leg Squat Stand

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Performing Bulgarian split squats has never been easier with this single-leg squat stand!

Enjoy the comfort and stability needed for heavy split squat work. Unlike benches, boxes, and other hard surfaces, the MonoSquat features a dense, vinyl-covered foam pad that rotates with the athlete as they descend and ascend in Bulgarian split squats. Athletes can easily exhibit proper split squat technique without needing to worry about foot placement, or pain in the toes or shins. Users can comfortably rest their ankle on top of the 6" dia foam pad, which distributes the majority of the load on the floored leg, leading to a more effective split squat. The 18"H pad is the perfect height for a variety of heights and abilities to perform with proper technique and posture. At 18"W, the pad is easy to find with the back foot when reaching back to get in split squat position. Extremely durable 3"W oval powder-coated steel tubing ensures this stand will stand up to years of use in a high-traffic facility. 24"W x 21"D x 18"H; 22 lb.