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MaxSpin Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes

As low as $11.95

Our highest-quality speed ropes are made to endure institutional use!

A great choice for speed jumping competitions and endurance jumping workouts. Speed ropes with a solid 1/4" dia PVC cord deliver swift and responsive performance. Choose from durable plastic or tacky grip handles. Rope color and printed handle markings designatelength.

Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomic 5-1/2"L handles are perfect for users of all ages. Handles feature a thumb groove to teach proper hand placement for better form while jumping. Plastic handles or upgrade to tacky wrapped handles for a more secure and comfortable grip.

Great Durability

Featuring a heavier 1/4” PVC cord, ropes can easily withstand constant slapping on the ground or pavement. Use them indoors or out without worrying about fraying or unraveling that can occur on nylon or cotton ropes. Heavy, durable handles also ensure longevity over time for safe and efficient jumping.