Mathopotamia Activity Set

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Roll the dice and show off your math skills as you work your way to the top of the pyramid!

Build math and fitness skills in these fast-paced, common core math games in which students duel against their peers with addition, subtraction and multiplication. When not dueling, students stay moving through a series of physical activities, so the action never stops during fun addition games!

Mathopotamia Gameplay

To set up, place 10 hoops in a pyramid in the middle of the playing area. Then, at the base of the pyramid, place the 2 additional hoops on the outside of what would make up the bottom level. Students line up behind these bottom 2 hoops. Create a track around the playing area with cones and hurdles to jump over.

To play, divide your class into 2 equal teams and line them up behind the on-deck hoops. Have one player from each team begin in each of the starting hoops. The 2 players in a hoop duel according to the rules. Dice stay in the same hoop for the entire game. The player who wins the duel moves to the next hoop open with 1 person in it. After the starting level, 2 players from the same team can play each other. At the final level, the players use the large foam dice. The player that wins the final duel walks to the score flipper, gives his/her team a point, takes a victory lap, and then return to the line to play again.

Overall, this game does an excellent job of combining physical activity with practicing basic math skills. This gets players learning while getting plenty of activity and communicating with their classmates.

All Equipment Included

Everything you need for Mathopotamia is included in the set. It includes 12 Rainbow DuraHoop Flat Hoops, 6 Rainbow Training Hurdles, 6 Rainbow Vinyl Cones, 2 Big Foam Dice, 2 sets of 12 dice, 1 score flipper, and 1 VersaBag mesh bag with strap to carry it all.