Master Letter Locks

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Letters create words or abbreviations, making them easier for students to remember!

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This item requires custom specifications (more details below). Please call to order.

For younger students or those who have trouble memorizing combinations, letter locks serve as a great alternative to numbered padlocks. A letter combination lock offers the same protection, while providing more familiar combinations. Master Lock technology prevents picking and forcing, ensuring a reliable lock for years to come.

Easy-to-Remember Combinations

Combination padlocks with letters are a great alternative to numbered locks because they are easy to memorize. Instead of having to remember a number combination, students can use acronyms for combinations. Younger students can even program in their initials as the combination. If a combination is forgotten or needs to be reset, a control key allows teachers to quickly pop the lock.

Hard-Wearing Design

Made with a heavy-duty, hardened steel housing and thick steel shackle, these locks are impact-resistant and resilient during consistent use. The shackle is also cut-resistant to ensure the locks can’t be snipped off by bolt cutters. Measuring 1-7/8” dia, these letter combination locks offer compact security across all applications. BlockGuard Anti-Shim technology prevents forced access. Locks also have an automatic scrambling feature to prevent reopening of lock after it’s re-secured.

Control Key Requirements

Please call to place a new order, or to add locks to an existing series:

  • New order: If you’re looking to set up lockers with new locks, a control key is needed to start a new series. A minimum order of 8 is needed for the locks.
  • Existing series order: To add locks to an existing series, you must specify the control number when ordering. Control number is on the back of the lock and starts with F. This will allow for the existing control key to work with the new locks.

All custom-keyed locks are specially made and not eligible to be returned.