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ManeuverMaze Set

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Create a new maze for each class and let players find new ways to maneuver through this portable obstacle course!

Simply snap the bungees onto the frame in any design desired to increase or decrease the challenge for players! Bungees come in 3 lengths and include a snap on each end for easy attachment to the frame. Make a maze before class or let players design the maze themselves! If they touch or disconnect a bungee while moving through, players reconnect it to the frame and return to the starting line as teammates perform an exercise. The first team to get all its players through the maze wins!

The frame is made of our tough Magnus ABS tubing, giving it amazing strength and keeping it lightweight for easy portability. Assembly is required on frame. It is also easy to disassemble for compact storage. Set includes frame (8'1"L x 4'2"W x 5'1"H; 32 lb), 12 bungees (5 ea 4'L, 4 ea 6'L, 3 ea 8'L), a DuraBag Duffel for storage, and activity instructions.